Our Apps

Love Collage Photo Editor

Turn your lovely photos into a beautiful collage! Launched: Sep 14, 2013
Downloads: 80M
Android iOS


Online security and privacy protection service. Launched: Jun 1, 2015
Downloads: 25M
Android iOS Web/PC/Mac


AI powered photo & video editing apps.
Launched: Oct 13, 2021
Downloads: 13M
Android iOS

Fastzilla VPN

Unlimited free VPN for everyone.
Launched: Dec 1, 2015
Downloads: 1M
Android iOS

Love Calendar

Love Widget & Calendar for couples.
Launched: Aug 30, 2020
Downloads: 1M
Android iOS

Love Collage Video Editor

Lovely filters, effects, stickers, frames & more.
Launched: Dec 22, 2021
Downloads: 0.5M

B2B Solutions

We are open for cooperation and ready to provide following services:

  - Whitelabel VPN solutions
  - VPN infrastructure
  - Marketing and growth consulting

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